Advanced driving

Lots of us have driven for many years and have covered thousands of miles, but how many of you still use the basic skills gained; Mirror - Signal - Manoeuvre, gained during your ‘L’ test?

There have been many advances in vehicle and road technology. Now is your chance to bring your driving skills up to advanced driving standards.

Each session commences with an assessment of your current knowledge and skills. This ensures no time is wasted covering things you know: knowledge about the forces acting on a vehicle during acceleration, braking and cornering are essential to vehicle control. We will check your understanding of these and how you control your vehicle on the open road in changing road, traffic and weather conditions. Do you know about ABS and ESP?

Practise emergency braking techniques with and without ABS activated.

The key to all driving is observations. This is one area where most improvement is gained during these sessions. We will extend your observations further than you ever thought and build a complete picture of the risks and dangers which are not only visible but which you should also anticipate.

Learn new skills

You will learn skills to assess every bend accurately. This will allow you to maintain safe progress, increase the stability of your vehicle on the road and make your cornering safer whilst having fun.

Learn about the different types of overtakes. Develop new overtaking skills which ensure that you are always in the right place, travelling at the right speed and the correct gear selected to overtake quickly and safely. You should never miss the opportunity to overtake again.

Eco Driving - Saving you fuel

All coaching sessions include Advanced Driving Skills and Eco Driving techniques. The emphasis is on Defensive Driving skills. You will develop positioning for safety, stability and observations. At all times you will increase the ‘Safety Bubble’ around your vehicle. This will give you time to react to the risks and dangers presented by other road users. Actively assess these risks and manage them safely with your space and speed. Don’t under estimate the risks from other road users; the normal level of attention for average drivers is only 20%.


Our advanced driver coaching sessions are designed to meet the requirements of the RoSPA and IAM advanced tests.

Develop new skills whilst having fun and be one step ahead of those who present danger and conflict to you on the roads. Ensure you put your vehicle back on the drive or in the garage after every journey