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Learn to be an ADI

Locke Driver Training is part of a well established business, with long experience in the training of both learners and instructors. Dave Locke has been providing driving tuition for over 33 years and training instructors since 1987. We pride ourselves as being a plain-speaking organisation, with none of the extravagent (and expensive) frills and unfullfilled promises presented by some training establishments.

Training to be an Approved Driving Instructor involves taking three separate Government tests, the first of which is a Theory and Hazard Perception test, which we will guide you through by recommending the appropriate books & CDs and supplying support materials. We will also prepare you for success by providing you with up-to-date mock tests and guidance in areas that need improvement.

The second Government test is based on your own driving ability. Here, we make sure that your driving reaches the required standard before applying for the test, where the level of driving skill required is similar to that expected of an Advanced Driver. For the test itself, you will be assessed by a Department of Transport Driving Examiner during a driving and manouevring exercise which takes approximately one hour.

After passing the "own driving" test you may then wish to undertake and complete the 40 hours of instructional training which is required before applying for a Trainee License. As a trainee instructor you have to be "signed for" by a fully qualified instructor (a service which we can provide for you).

Only once you have completed the 40 hours of instructor training may you apply for the Trainee Instructor's License. However, you can then prepare for the third and final instructional exam, on a theoretical basis only. We believe that you only get a feeling for being a driving instructor by actually teaching pupils and, once you have a Trainee License, you are permitted to charge your pupils for their lessons.

The final test is for Instructional Ability, which is marked on two criteria: instructional techniques and fault finding with question & answer techniques. As fully qualified Instructors, we are graded by the Department of Transport on a scale from 1 to 6, with Grade 1 being the most unsatisfactory and Grade 6 being the highest grade. (Dave Locke has been tested four times now, with a Grade 6 score on each occasion).

In the third test you have to achieve a Grade 4 or above in both sections to obtain your full Approved Driving Instructor's Licence. For some, this can be the toughest of the three tests as you need to provide the right amount of instruction, as well as the correct instruction, at the appropriate time. We will help you to find the balance, so that you don't over or under compensate. With many years of experience in all manner of situations, we will coach you to achieve the standards required by your examiner.

Once qualified, a satisfying and rewarding career awaits you. Your hours of work, whether you want to become full or part time (and subject to your pupils' availability), can be tailored according to your own personal requirements.


  • Part 1 - �500
  • Part 2 - �550
  • Part 3 - �1100
  • Pay in full - �2150

Fees are payable either in one lump sum or as each individual training section is undertaken.

Pay online via PayPal

We have set up a secure online payment facility for trainee instructors who might find it more convenient to pay their training fees by credit card.

The service is controlled by PayPal, which has an excellent reputation and is used for millions of website payments every year. Although you can just use their secure server for credit card payments, we recommend that you set up a PayPal account.

DSA Fees

  • ADI Registration - �300
  • Part 1 Test - �80
  • Part 2 Test - �99
  • Part 3 Test - �99
  • Trainee Licence - �125

These Fees are payable directly to the Driving Standards Agency.

Whilst operating under a Trainee Licence a minimum of 20 hours additional training is required by the DSA, at a further cost of �550 (payable to Locke Driver Training).