Pass plus

Once you’ve passed your driving test you cannot wait to get your first car. But the cost of insurance is sky high. So how do you get what you want, and pay a lower premium?

The answer is Pass Plus - backed by insurance companies, Central Government and the Driving Standards Agency. The Pass Plus scheme is designed to make you a better driver. It involves more lessons in the form of six specially designed driver training modules which cover the areas mentioned below - And there is no test to take at the end of it.

+ In Town

Passed your test but nervous of rush hour traffic?  Learn how to cope with town driving by taking expert advice

+ In all weather

The first flurry of snow or the first blanket of fog can get you into a real fix. Learn how to deal with the perils of winter driving

+ Out of Town

Country roads can hide their own kinds of hazards. Are you ready to mix it with wildlife and farm vehicles?

+ At Night

How to read the road in the dark. There are some useful tips on how to deal with dusk onwards

+ Dual Carriageways

You need eyes in the back of your head. Don’t race, but don’t be a slow coach or you will incur the wrath of other drivers

+ Motorways

It places greater demands on the driver’s skills, observation, anticipation, planning and concentration